Installing closed circuit television (CCTV) isn’t just about crime prevention and resolution. It’s also a responsible way to manage your organization’s liabilities. Felts Lock has years of experience installing and servicing digital video surveillance systems, and we even service and upgrade systems installed by other providers. We deliver the full range of CCTV products and services, so take advantage of our 24/7 CCTV monitoring solutions today to deter potential threats to your business.

Conserve valuable human resources

If your organization’s place of business covers a large area, security guard expenses can really start to add up. Felts Lock can help your office complex, university, school, hospital or department store conserve human resources. By installing a Commercial CCTV system, you can reduce the number of manned security posts required to secure your property against burglars and vandals. Multiple screen viewing options allow for simultaneous monitoring and recording for your organization’s security administrators.

Integrate your access control system

Felts Lock Commercial CCTV solutions are 100% compatible with our Access Control systems. When a guest or employee of your company enters or exits your establishment, our video surveillance settings can both initiate recording and trigger screen changes for optimal monitoring practices. Both Commercial CCTV and Access Control solutions can be operated remotely, meaning that you can monitor your property anywhere you are connected to the internet.

Customize your network and settings

Felts Lock develops Commercial CCTV solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you require 1 or 300 cameras, we deliver the highest quality products and services in the community. We install both indoor and outdoor CCTV systems, and we offer a wide range of recording and storage options (continuous recording, motion-triggered recording, etc.). Felts Lock CCTV experts work with your company to determine optimal video quality and size, and we help you designate the most appropriate locations for your camera devices.