Felts Lock Commercial Lock Service offers everything you need to keep your building safe and secure. Whether it’s a restaurant, school, power plant, factory or office building, there is no job too big or small. Felts Lock offers a number of security solutions, from master key systems to safe repairs, from installing panic devices to electronic locks, all while complying with ADA rules and regulations.

Plan for traffic

For commercial buildings, doors and locks must be built and fashioned with heavy traffic in mind. Schools are bombarded by students bursting through doors thousands of times a day; warehouses are filled with workers moving heavy equipment throughout the building; power plants require security clearances for privileged access and sensitive materials. Felts Lock Commercial Lock services will keep your building secure during business hours, without disrupting the natural flow of people inside. Heavy duty doors and locks are installed to mitigate wear and tear. Electronic access control systems allow managers and owners to control the locks remotely, and prevent against picking and drilling.

Master your domain

Felts Lock Commercial Lock service can set up your security system with a master key system. In this case, multiple keys can open one or more locks. Trusted individuals will have master keys that open all or almost all locks in the building, while others have keys to specific departments, offices or rooms.

Comply with regulations

Keeping your building up to code can be very difficult. Felts Lock Commercial Lock services take into account all the rules and regulations, from the most obvious to the most obscure. We will make certain that all doors and doorways are ADA compliant, whether that means installing a door with a knob, lever or utilizing an automatic door activation method. We’ve read the book so you don’t have to.