Does your organization have an effective means of protecting your cash, important documents and confidential materials? Felts Lock offers a wide variety of commercial grade safes, and our installation and service professionals are ready to help your business select the most appropriate safe for your needs.

Secure your valuable assets

Almost every local industry has a reason for protecting cash or important documents in a business setting. Restaurants, offices and hotels have unique requirements regarding the size and security level for their safes. At Felts Lock, we are ready to meet and exceed these requirements by offering superior safes and installation/servicing solutions.

Select the right safe

We offer many different types of safes suitable for the commercial environment. Below, we have provided a list of some of our most common safe solutions. If you have a question about a safe which you do not see in this list, please call us to find out how we can meet your organization’s needs.

  • Standard Safes

    According to the specifications of your organization, these safes are securely bolted to the floor of your establishment. They are available in a variety of sizes and lock mechanisms.

  • Fire Safes

    Fire Safes protect contents from intensely hot and smoky conditions. There are a number of protection levels available to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Cash Safes

    Cash Safes are specifically designed to protect small and large amounts of cash from burglars. Larger cash safes typically use a drawer system to organize contents.

  • Depository Safes

    These safes allow your customers to securely deposit money into the safe while preventing any unauthorized withdrawal.

  • Floor Safes

    To achieve an elevated security level, Floor Safes are installed directly into the concrete floor of your business.

  • Data Safes

    Data safes are temperature-regulated safes which are designed to protect physical data storage devices (tapes, etc.). They can also be used to store pictures and other related items.