Felts Lock is committed to keeping you safe, secure and protected in your home. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive system upgrade for your family’s household, or a simpler, more personalized solution, Felts Lock is there for you. Don’t go another day wondering about your protection. Get your confidence back by letting Felts Lock address your safety and security concerns.

Protect your home inside and out

Felts Lock has a selection of locks designed with both indoor and outdoor protection in mind. Secure the main entryways into your home with keyless entry devices, install privacy locks for bedrooms, bathrooms or home offices, or outfit barns, sheds and storage units with traditional locks to deter intruders or unwelcome visitors. Whatever your security concern, Felts Lock has the solution to keep you protected and in control.

Stay safe in style

Even though the function of a lock is far more important than its form, an unsightly lock can disrupt the flow and style of your home. That’s why Felts Lock has a wide range of locks in myriad styles and designs to match your home’s ambiance and decor. Let us work with you to choose the lock with the perfect combination of security and style.

Inspect every aspect

Felts Lock offers full service for any project, whether that is repairing a faulty lock on a single door, or replacing the locks on every door in your home. Of course, locks are just one aspect of home safety; a door with a working lock is still susceptible to break-in. Be sure to let the people at Felts Lock take a look at all the entry points to your house to make absolute certain that there are no weak-points, such as broken door-closers, rotted materials, or poor seals.